War Was Easier progress / by Anthony Schmiedeler

Earlier progress

After working with parallax effects in video form, I could not escape the cartoonish look that I felt took away from the intended message. So I went back to square one: Who is my audience?

I wanted to affect college-aged people, who are cause-motivated, and whose peers are returning from war disabled and in need of help. I needed something REAL so I went back to my original idea of using real tape. After sketching around I stumbled across the idea of using the tape to spell out the number of days veterans are waiting. From there it seemed like the perfect vehicle for a guerilla marketing campaign.


After that I needed a new poster to match the look. That's when I realized I could create the modern age digital camouflage look with red tape. It seemed like the next logical step to take that image to the website, also bringing in other REAL items to go along with the stories of REAL veterans. 


See the final project here