George Lois at KC Design Week / by Anthony Schmiedeler


KC Design week is following KU Design week and this was the first event. A live interview of George Lois, influential ad man and design legend. In typical George Lois fashion there were tons of f-bombs and good laughs but also some damn good advice. Here are a few points I took away from the conversation.

1. "Don't design!" - Lois said the key to his success was going with his gut and not over-designing his powerful ideas.

2. "Personality" - George Lois's answer to what made him stand apart and got him hired on the spot. It's something I need to work on personally.

3. "More than two people in a room is impossible!" - I couldn't tell if George Lois was pushing a lone genius working style but I definitely agree that too many people working on one thing will most likely lead to a stale idea that attempts to please everyone. But I'd also argue that working in small groups generates thorough discussion and more thoughtful design.

4. "You can be cautious and you can be creative but you can't do both." - Being cautious is a creative restraint that could limit the power of an idea.

All in all, it was an honor to see George Lois in person. I was energized and inspired to work harder and be the creative person that I want to be!