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” The 91st Art Directors Club Annual This book is an extension of the “keep fighting the good fight” campaign, which pokes fun at the industry while celebrating the best of the year’s creative achievements. Designed at DDB New York, Creative Direction: Matt Eastwood & Menno Kluin, Art Direction: Carlos Wigle, Copywriter: Aron Fried, Book Design: Juan Carlos Pagan & Brian Gartside, Illustrations: Rami Niemi.”

At DDB we are guided by playbooks, not rule books. Rigid methodologies minimize creativity. Paint-by-numbers gets you the same painting every time. That is not to say we do not have tried and true approaches to building and growing world class brands – we do. But rather than share our methodologies, we rather you spend time on the rest of this site and take a look at examples of our work, peruse some of our thinking, participate in our debates and discussions – basically get to know who we are.

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