The Big One Pt 2 (A NEW KC) by Anthony Schmiedeler

Earlier progress

My senior branding project is in its second week of research after choosing to rebrand the Kansas City Metro area. Here are some things I've found out:

Kansas City is such a diverse state that the problem has been hard to define, but then I realized that its diversity is the problem. Rather, Kansas City's diversity isn't represented. Whether you live there and you think KC is BBQ and sports, or you're an out-of-towner and you think it's a cowtown, you are leaving out a lot of what makes KC so unique. Here are some slides from a presentation I will be giving that illustrates what KC is and what I want the rebranding to represent.

The Big One (Senior Branding Project) by Anthony Schmiedeler

I've just begun what is usually classified as the biggest project in a KU alum's portfolio. I've been tasked with choosing two organizations facing a significant problem which will then be whittled down to one. From there I will be creating a written and visual proposal to fix that problem, including a new brand identity. The organizations I chose are extremely different but the problems they are dealing all relate to communication and organization. Here is an analysis of each.

A New KC

The Kansas City Metropolitan area has a confusing and misunderstood identity. This is because there is no clear connection between the Metro’s contained cities; No consistency between their programs and initiatives; and no accurate representation of the diversity, culture, and history of the KC Metro area.

A clear, connected, all-encompassing identity of KC could unify residents, increase city pride, make it easy for visitors to understand what the Metro is, make our city memorable and competitive with other big metros, and create a vision of the future for one of the biggest growing metropolitans in the United States.

The New Prototype

The Prototype mentor program for KU Illustration and Visual Communication underclassmen does not foster real and meaningful communication between mentors and mentees. This results in a non-existent relationship between the two and very rare thoughtful exchange that would normally result in learning experiences for both sides. 

A more organized mentor program with specific direction and a sense of community could increase communication between mentors and mentees, resulting in more productive, faster learning, and happier students.



Senior Show concept by Anthony Schmiedeler

This is probably one of the most exciting projects I'll get to do while in school because I have the opportunity to create a brand that will represent the entire senior class of Visual Communication and Illustration majors. With my team we've created a concept where each senior creates a letterform, comprising a full alphabet, and that alphabet is used for the branding, promotions, take-aways, and environment at the annual senior show. This way each senior is represented individually and collectively we are unified through this one typeface. It will be interesting to see how the final product stacks up against the concept. I think the real thing will be 1000 times better but I guess we'll see in 5 months.