Kiosk XXXXX: Out Now! by Anthony Schmiedeler

My goal as art director and designer of Kiosk 50 was to get back to the roots of what Kiosk is all about, student art & literature, and making that student art & literature accessible to the entire KU campus and community. In the past, a short run of well designed and beautifully bound books were distributed among the art building with a few copies reaching beyond that to funders and involved groups. This year we were able to release with the campus newspaper, the University Daily Kansan. We sacrificed good paper and glossy covers for the widest distribution of Kiosk magazine in it's 25 year history. And it was well worth it!

At the same time we were able to take pieces of art and literature from past issues and juxtapose them with new submissions to honor what has come before us and create something new at the same time. We hope this issue of Kiosk has opened the door for more students to access the incredible talent at KU as well as become a part of the talent pool that submits work for future issues. Check out the pdf version below.