T-shirts and one-pagers by Anthony Schmiedeler

Sometimes I screenprint t-shirts in my garage for fun. Lately a lot of people have been asking where to get them so I decided to create a website. 

Then I had a lot of fun so I made another one.

These aren't necessarily the most succesful websites but it's fun to see what I can create quickly with the tools I have available to me. It's also amazing what you can create with free websites templates these days.

Citizen–Soldier–Artist by Anthony Schmiedeler

I am honored to have work featured in the Citizen–Soldier–Artist exhibition at Mid-America Arts Alliance through the end of this month! Citizen–Soldier–Artist explores how veterans in the United States are using the arts to constructively process and heal from the physical and psychological wounds of war.

Art & design has undoubtedly helped me personally with the transition into civilian life and given me a real purpose again. A big thank you to MAAA for such an amazing opportunity.